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Monday, October 3, 2011

Tips : Sample Bookkeeping Clerk Job Interview Questions and Answer

The possible Job Interview Questions and answers for Bookkeeping Clerk position:

1. What are the special skills that you need to possess for a bookkeeping clerk job?

The bookkeeping work required lots of concentration and hard work. The book keeper ought to be really likely within planning financial accounts for the organization he or she is working for. They need to be very accurate whilst looking at estimations, figures, determining sales and purchase dealings as well as posting transactions recorded through additional workers.

2. What is a journal entry?

A diary entry is the initial step that you need to include while producing ledgers, trail amounts or even money along with other accounts. A journal admittance can be used for recording accounting info for a number of financial dealings which have occurred. Whilst getting into the journal entry the twin facet of a deal is actually recorded.

3. How do you handle stress and pressure while working as a bookkeeping clerk?

The position of a bookkeeping clerk is very challenging and stressful. Bookkeeping clerks have to work for various hours at a stretch under pressure oriented environments.

4. As a bookkeeping clerk what responsibilities to you have to fulfill?

Bookkeeping clerk usually have to record financial transactions concerning the firm in an orderly way. They also have to prepare accounting statements and reports for the benefit of managers and supervisors.